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There are some things you just are.

Painters are painters because they paint. Writers are writers because they write. Whatever you identify with being (writer, painter, et. al) you are that because of what you DO…what you produce. I am Linux user because of what I produce with Linux…what I do with it. I don’t simply use it…I create with it. I make it do what I want.

People give me a screwdriver and I pry things open with it…I don’t just use it on screws. If I wanted to just use a flathead screwdriver for screws I’d be using a Mac. If I wanted attachments for my screwdriver to become a different tool, I’d use Windows. Instead, I rewrite what my screwdriver is used for by using Linux.

I’m a thinker because of Linux. I have to be. I have to think outside of the box…the standard way of thinking. I find solutions to tech problems more quickly than people around me because of Linux. I don’t think just of linear solutions. I’m not just one dimensional…Linux makes me multidimensional. When a problem arises, I meet it head on instead of waiting for others to fix it.

Linux makes me all of these things. Without it, I still am a thinker…but Linux makes me a multidimensional, deep thinker. Without it, I still use tools like a screwdriver but I don’t use them in as many ways. Without it, I can still solve problems…but I don’t solve them as fast or as creatively. There are some things you just are.

Linux helps me to be who I am. Linux just is.

It was almost 10 years ago that I started recording my thoughts, tips and tricks on this blog. I blog less frequently today then I did back then thanks to more professional responsibility with my work…but just the same, Linux still plays a major part in my every day life. This website is hosted on a Linux server that I built from the ground up. I use Linux for my Network Attached Storage at home that contains all of my movies, music and pictures. My phone runs Linux. I stay in touch with my friends and family because Linux is so versatile.

This blog has been through 4 major hosting changes and 3 changes of content management systems. It’s gone through DDOS attacks, smear campaigns and even bumped heads with Groklaw before they shut their doors. Through all of that, the one constant that remained is that Linux is. For those of us that use it…Linux is what we use to shape our lives. I’m glad to be a Linux user and a blogger of all things Linux. Despite my infrequency of posting, I try to provide original content instead of just recycled news/how-to’s. I don’t plan on changing this goal in the future…and I plan on being here for as many years as I can.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you who subscribe to my RSS feed and have my content delivered to you there…and those that subscribe to the blog via email. Thanks to all of you who read the content I produce. I appreciate your patronage and your support. I began this journey with many of you over 10 years ago…here’s to the future path we’ll be travelling. No telling where Linux will take us!


About Derrick Devine
Derrick Devine started Yet Another Linux Blog in 2004-5 to chronicle his desktop Linux learning experience and to provide tips and tricks to the community. Currently, he is the webmaster for 4 major websites in the open source world and has recently joined the developer ranks for PCLinuxOS. Derrick also helps develop Foresight Linux on the KDE team there.

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