• The Linux Foundation’s Dronecode Project
    [February 2, 2016] The Linux Foundation has a collaborative project called the Dronecode project, which has an open source platform for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The foundation said that it now has investments from 27 new member organizations and has formed technical working groups to advance the platform. The project has tripled its membership since it formed, and […]
  • Employers Placing More Importance On Linux Certification Than Ever Before
    [March 25, 2015] The 2015 Linux Jobs Report from The Linux Foundation and Dice was recently released. This forecasts the Linux job market based on a survey of Linux professionals and hiring managers. It found that managers are looking for more evidence of formal training and certifications when hiring Linux professionals.
  • Use This Cloud Based Backup For Linux Users
    [February 11, 2015] Wouldn’t it be great if there was a cloud based file backup system that put Linux FIRST?  One that made it so we didn’t have to use FUSE?  One that didn’t put out a Windows client first and the Linux client was an afterthought?  One that you could get installed and configured quickly and easily […]
  • Red Hat Announces New Cloud Provider Partner
    [December 23, 2014] Red Hat announced that Red Hat Enterprise Linux for the SAP HANA platform is now available to be deployed across the open hybrid cloud. This of course includes via those public cloud providers certified by Red Hat.
  • How To Patch The Debian 6 Squeeze Shellshock Bug
    [October 10, 2014] I run a few webservers at work that are internal facing only (intranet) that run Debian 6 Squeeze. I’ve been monitoring the Shellshock exploit since it wasdiscovered a few weeks ago and have been looking for a way to get those few systems patched…despite them existing only internally.
  • Linux Certification Program To Help System Admins Show Off Credentials
    [August 25, 2014] The nonprofit Linux Foundation announced a new Linux Certification Program to help systems administrators show off some credentials and get jobs based upon them. There are two certifications – one for early career admins and one for engineer-level admins.
  • Manjaro Linux – My Current Distribution
    [July 3, 2014] I’ve been running Manjaro Linux Openbox Edition since about November of 2013. I haven’t re-installed…since Manjaro rolls with it’s releases…I haven’t needed to re-install. It’s been as steady as a rock for 2 releases and many months of torture and pain from yours truly.
  • OpenStack Support Coming To Oracle Linux and VM
    [May 21, 2014] Oracle announced OpenStack support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. The company introduced a preview of an OpenStack distribution that allows users of either to work with the open source cloud software. Oracle says it provides customers with more choices and interoperability while taking advantage of “efficiency, performance, scalability, and security” of its offerings. At […]
  • I am a Linux User
    [February 5, 2014] There are some things you just are. Painters are painters because they paint. Writers are writers because they write. Whatever you identify with being (writer, painter, et. al) you are that because of what you DO…what you produce. I am Linux user because of what I produce with Linux…what I do with it. I don’t […]
  • The Linux Foundation Officially Adds Valve As A Member
    [December 5, 2013] It’s no secret that Valve sees Linux as the future of PC gaming. After all, the company is building SteamOS on top of Linux. Now the game developer has cemented its commitment to the platform by joining The Linux Foundation.
  • Linux 4.0 To Focus Only On Bug Fixes?
    [November 6, 2013] In about a year, we’ll be treated to Linux 4.0. It’s creator, Linus Torvalds, wants to know if it should focus exclusively on bug fixes and stability.
  • Finding Files Modified in the Past Few Days
    [August 21, 2013] It’s said that with age comes distinction and wisdom. If we believe that, then we’re talking about people and not files. Working with older files doesn’t make you wise beyond your years…one could argue that it makes you a glutton for punishment . That doesn’t always have to be the case as we can solve […]
  • Would You Like a Native Client for Google Drive?
    [July 16, 2013] If you’re like me, you think that the more native applications that are available to Linux users, the better. In the case of Google Drive, there isn’t a native synchronization enabled client for Linux. This is especially sad if you think about how Google got to where it is today…building its entire search infrastructure on […]
  • Highly Recommended: Ubuntu for Business
    [May 24, 2013] 7 days ago, I set myself an interesting challenge. I wanted to see if a small business owner could use the free, Ubuntu operating system and the free software available for it, for their business related tasks. If they could, it would be great news for business owners on a tiny budget.
  • Try The BeagleBone Black For Your Next Cheap Linux Build
    [April 24, 2013] Linux can run on just about anything. That’s why projects like the $25 Raspberry Pi are so exciting. Just about anybody can now own a Linux PC and start writing code. Of course, some may want something a bit more sophisticated, and BeagleBoard may have just want you need.
  • Sony Violates the LGPL3 and Steals KDE Icon
    [March 7, 2013] Looks like Sony has gone from prosecuting pirates to becoming one. Only days after the PS4 announcement too.
  • Ubuntu Launches New Smartphone In October
    [February 12, 2013] 2013 is the year of the truly open smartphone. Android kind of fits the bill, but some OEMs lock down their devices. Instead, this year will see the launch of two truly open mobile platforms – Firefox OS and Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu To Release Smartphones This Coming Year
    [January 18, 2013] Back in November, it was announced that Ubuntu would be coming to Android phones. The app would allow any Android phone to be turned into a mini-PC when plugged into a monitor. Now the makers of Ubuntu are taking it one step further by bringing the Linux distribution directly to smartphones.
  • Raspberry Pi Gets A Free Version Of Minecraft
    [December 4, 2012] Minecraft is an absurdly popular video game, but it's becoming much more than that. Teachers are beginning to use it in the classroom to teach basic STEM skills, and Mojang will soon use it to teach basic programming.
  • Closed Beta Begins For Steam On Linux
    [November 7, 2012] Valve's Steam platform began life on Windows, and only just moved to Macs in 2010. Now the Washington-based developer is ready to move Steam onto the wild west of operating systems - Linux.
  • Ubuntu 12.04, Amahi, and Linux Not Detecting Hard Disks
    [September 26, 2012] It's been quite a long time since I've had this much trouble with Linux detecting a hard drive.
  • Linux Foundation Turns To Twitter
    [August 28, 2012] The Linux Foundation is one of the best non-profits you can support. You may use Windows or OS X for your computer, but they wouldn't be half as good as they are if it weren't for Linux. In short - Linux is in everything. The continued success of the Foundation rests upon more major players in the tech community joining.
  • CentOS 6.3 Released
    [July 12, 2012] CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System) is a popular Linux distribution for servers of all types, and the preferred OS for our servers here at iEntry. It is a downstream edition of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), although it maintains no relationship or affiliation with the company. RHEL 6.3 was released June 31, 2012 and the CentOS team has released their 6.3 version on July 9, 2012.
  • Linux Projects Made Easy as Pi
    [June 20, 2012] Anyone even marginally interested in tech has probably heard of the Raspberry Pi, even if you weren't exactly sure what it was.
  • Moonlight Discontinued
    [June 1, 2012] The mono project has stopped working on its open source implementation of Microsoft Silverlight.